Nope! We carry a wide array of products including natural, local & fair trade products.


All over the store, in every department. Look for the orange gluten-free tag.


Sure! Requesting a product does not guarantee that we will carry it - due to space limitations - but it will put it on our radar for consideration.

We Make Shopping Easy
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Our grocery buyers carefully select every product we carry, looking over every ingredient, so you don't have too (we know you are busy!). We carry large-scale organic and natural product lines as well as smaller local product lines. Rest assured that each product on our shelves has been carefully selected to provide maximum nutrition without any additives, pesticides, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup.


We only carry dairy products and eggs produced by free-range and humanely treated animals, you'll be able to taste the difference. Most of the products in our dairy department come from local and regional producers. You will not find rBGH products on our shelves and many of our dairy products are organic. You'll find yogurts full of live cultures, Greek and Icelandic varieties, and low-fat to cream-on-top options. For dietary needs and allergies we carry many goat, coconut, soy, and lactose-free products.


Fear not, Wheatsfield is the place for those that suffer from gluten intolerance. Whether you are shopping for a friend or were recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, we making shopping for these products easier and satisfying. Gluten-free products throughout the store are labeled with an orange "Gluten Free" shelf tag. As a product's ingredients can change, make sure to double check the labels. Here is a handy guide listing our gluten-free products (updated November 2011).

Vegan and Vegetarian

Shoppers can meet their vegan and vegetarian needs in our aisles. Including a wide array of coconut and soy yogurts we stock an entire cooler (at the end of the bulk aisle) devoted to tofu of all flavors and sizes, non-dairy cheeses, seitan, tempeh, veggie meat...and more. Also look in aisle 3 for hemp, rice, soy and almond milk.

Environmentally Sound Cleaning Products

Our grocery department also offers environmentally sound cleaning products, derived from truly natural products, that will leave your home clean and safe for your family — without harmful synthetic chemicals and residue. Many of our "green" cleaning products are also produced from post-consumer waste. Look for trusted brands including Biokleen, Ecover, Seventh Generation and many more.

Requesting A Product

We hope our grocery department will have what you are looking for, from those hard to find spices to your everyday dinner needs. If you don't see a product on our shelves that you need, you can request that we carry it or special order a case if it is available to us. The more requests for a product we get, the more likely we will carry it.


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