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15 Wellness Products for 2015The Big Game

We’re super excited for the Big Game next weekend, because, well... food, drinks, and friends. Check out our football themed display near the registers for some game watching food and drink inspiration. And, read our blog for 3 top picks for salsas and 2 top picks for chips from our grocery aisles.

15 Wellness Products for 201515 for 2015

Now a yearly tradition, here are the Wellness Staff's top 15 wellness products for 2015. 

Blog ArticleUp and Coming Beers and Wines for 2015

Bronwyn, Wheatsfield's Beer and Wine Buyer, selected nine Up and Coming Beers and Wines to try in the new year.

Blog ArticleJoining a CSA

Considering joining a local vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for the 2015 growing season? We’ve put together an article highlighting the benefits of joining a local CSA and what a CSA is. Read below to learn about our upcoming CSA Fair.

CSA Fair 2015 AmesCSA Fair

Saturday, January 31, 2-5pm

Meet ten local CSA Farmers from central Iowa and learn about how you can participate in their 2015 CSAs. A CSA is a subscription based farm product distribution system. Consumers pay the farmer a lump sum at the beginning of the season and receive a weekly share of vegetables (or other farm products) throughout the growing season. Deli Seating Area.

CSA Fair 2015 AmesArt Opening, Matthew Corones

Friday, February 6, 4-7pm

This will be the last art opening until the expansion project is complete. Join us for art, wine and cheese!