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Mix and Match Local Iowa Beers

Mix & Match Local Iowa Beers

There is a new look to our local beer section! You can now buy select local beers by the each or create a mixed six pack of your choice!

Mix and Match Local Iowa Beers

15 Winter Squash Recipe Ideas that Go Beyond Pies and Soups

With the arrival of our seasonal deliveries of local winter squash from One Step of a Time Gardens in Kanawha, Iowa, we’ve gathered recipe ideas from food blogs that go beyond pies and soups.

Expansion Update

These past months we've been working with both our landlord and the City of Ames to create a plan for improving our parking lot. Details of this preliminary improvement plan are on the expansion page.

Member-Owner Drive

Goal: 150 new member-owners in October
111 new member-owners have joined in October!
Incentive to Join: New member-owners that join in October will receive a special mystery gift!
Incentive to Refer: Current member-owners who refer a new member-owner that joins in October receives a 10% off coupon.

Radford Davis, Art Opening

Friday, November 7, 4-7pm

Today, all eyes are turned toward west Africa as the devastating effects of Ebola continue to spread through Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Thousands are losing their lives to this deadly virus and it becomes hard to see these countries for more than what they’re currently facing. Photographer Radford Davis shares the rich culture and energy within Sierra Leone through images captured during his time spent there in 2010 and 2012.

Winter Market

Saturday, November 22, 10am-2pm

Shop for produce, meats, jams, eggs, baked goods, linens, gifts and more from central Iowa producers. The Winter Market is held in coordination with the Ames Main Street Farmers' Market. It will be held in the vacant space east of Wheatsfield. More details announced shortly.