Easter Hours
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We are open regular hours on Easter, 7am-9pm.

April Co-op Nickel Organization
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Co-op Natural Foods

Food co-ops are an integral part of their communities for many reasons including the jobs they provide, the local economies they support, the whole foods they supply, and the community building they offer. For these reasons and more, the national food co-op community was shocked to learn of a suspected burglary and a subsequent arson at Co-op Natural Foods in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that occurred in January. The co-op suffered extensive damage with almost everything a complete loss. When starting the co-op nickel program, we saw it as an opportunity to help support our local community first and foremost, but for this April’s organization we must also turn to the sixth international cooperative principle, cooperation among cooperatives.

While insurance will help the co-op rebuild in part, there are countless other expenses and unexpected losses that Co-op Natural Foods faces in the rebuilding months ahead. Expenses like deductibles and purchasing of a new inventory as well as losses like lost staff wages and a lost market for local producers. In addition, Co-op Natural Foods attracts customers for miles around as the only food co-op in South Dakota. Many co-ops around the nation are also using similar programs to support the rebuilding process of Co-op Natural Foods. Please join us in supporting this co-op, Wheatsfield will match the funds raised. see past amounts raised

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April Artist
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Brenda Backman
Art Opening, April 4th, 4-7pm

I began my current series, Lines Threads Connections, working within the parameters of an artist challenge. While stitching the felt and seeing the stitches interlock and connect with one another, I thought of how we are all connected. The connection all living things have living on our beautiful planet Earth, and how the origins of life on Earth share a common source. I’ve enjoyed exploring the different aspects of this idea with different colors and textures.

I’ve been making art and stitching since I was twelve and started making my own needlepoint designs. I’ve been hooked ever since. In 2000 I graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA and began my professional art career. I’ve shown my work all over the US and internationally as well. My work is characterized by a lively use of color and a heavily detailed surface which gives an intimate quality to the pieces.

Visit her website for more information.

May Artist:
Steve Nissen, Art Opening, May 2nd, 4-7pm

If you are interested in displaying your artwork please contact Kim Corbin at kim_c@wheatsfield.coop or by calling the store and fill out this form.

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Alaffia March Eyeglass Drive
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Do you have an old pair of glasses you're no longer using? Rather than letting them sit in your drawer gathering dust, why don't you bring them in for our National March Alaffia Eyeglass Drive? Alaffia, a fair trade body care product company, holds a nationwide eyeglass drive every March. There is an Alaffia basket at the Customer Service Desk where you can drop off any old glasses during the entire month of March. It's a simple way to significantly improve someone's life half a world away just by doing some spring cleaning. read more

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March Artist
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Since the conception of the community art space, our staff have been asking for a staff art show. We've since found out...our staff are a creative bunch! Each piece is labeled with the artist’s name and where they work in the store. The staff art show will be on display through March. Art opening with wine and cheese, Friday March 7th, 4-7pm.

Some artwork is for sale, some is not. If you would like to purchase artwork let us know!

Next Artist: Brenda Backman (also a Wheatsfield Staff Member), Art Opening Friday April 4th, 4-7pm

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March Kids Club Fruit of the Month
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The Co-op Kids Club Fruit of the Month is a Banana! Co-op Kids 10 years old and under receive the free fruit of the month each time they visit the co-op, guardian must be present. Have your fruit weighed at the register before enjoying!

March / April Field Journal
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Our March / April 2014 Field Journal  features a producer spotlight on Lee's Greens, a new greenhouse based produce farm. Enjoy photos celebrating our 40th anniversary, learn about greens and protein powder supplements, get caught up on the school gardens, learn about our new labeling system "HowGood" and much more! It is also member month, look for that discount coupon on page 15 (and on our website).

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Lee's Greens
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March / April 2014 Field Journal Local Producer Profile
Adam Calder, Produce Manager

Iowa farmers are an adaptive, creative, and capable group of people who are constantly innovating and exploring ways to expand the variety of food available in Iowa. Two such farmers, Lee Mattison and Rose Schick of Lee’s Greens in Nevada, Iowa, are doing their part by growing a variety of greenhouse grown salad greens year-round. read more

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March Member Appreciation Celebration
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Join us for live music, local producers, a kid's activity, free samples, giveaways and much more! Free mini cupcakes while supplies last! Celebrate five years in the new store and the beginning of our 40th year celebrations. find out more

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March & April Class Schedule!
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Our spring community class schedule is now available! Enjoy flavors from around the world including classes focused on Irish cheeses and beers, prepare for Easter with a few new bread recipes, and learn about superfoods. Make sure to read about our Earth Week events listed with our community classes. Join us that week to learn about vermicomposting and take a class on beginner bike repair. And, don't miss our ever popular "Plant Some Seeds" event on Monday, April 21st, from 4-7pm - stop in at your convenience that day to start some seedlings for your garden. Download our March & April class schedule or learn more about the classes on our class page.

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New! Yoga Mists for Mat and Body!
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Aura Cacia, a trusted leader in essential oils and aromatherapy, has come out with a new line of products , Organic Yoga Mists!  The aim of these new products is to enhance your yoga experience by further supporting the well-being of mind, body, and spirit.

Wheatsfield now carries three products to enhance your yoga practice.  Awakening Yoga Mist contains grapefruit and lavandin to create awareness and awaken your body.  Motivating Yoga Mist is a mixture of sweet orange and peppermint aimed at focusing your yoga session, motivating your body, and encouraging deep-breathing.  Lastly, Purifying Yoga Mist combines tea tree and lemon essential oils to create a holistic experience, by purifying your body and fostering the mind-body connection. 

Our new Yoga Mists contain 100% pure essential oils, and can be used on the body, in the room, or on your mat. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your routine, foster a positive environment, and achieve mental clarity give the Yoga Mists a try!

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Fair Trade Roses
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February Produce Parable
By Adam Calder, Producer Manager

Fair trade roses arrive at the co-op on Tuesday, February 11th.

Justice.  Equality.  Fairness.  Love.  All are simple words, profound ideas, and sometimes seemingly untenable goals.  As we approach St. Valentine’s Day and eagerly await the tokens and baubles of affection, both given and received, it is sometimes difficult to look past the surface of that ruby red rose or that scent of that box of chocolaty, ebony heaven to the reality of how those items got from where they were to your hands.  read more

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 February 2014 20:50
February Artist
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Peter Neel
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art and Art History
University of Iowa

"My work explores the relationship between physical and spiritual worlds. I illustrate this by juxtaposing images of plants and animals to embody spiritual characters.  This idea was conceived by my devotion towards ancestral artwork of Native American and Pacific Island tribes. Their artwork incorporates bold colors, spiritual icons, and heavy patterning.

Vivid colors are meant to manifest bold emotions for the setting of the piece. The plants and animals illustrate a spiritual character that defines its persona. The purpose behind the patterning is both used to bring focus to physical elements along with an invocation to the spirits. These elements have given me a continual storyline to transform and create throughout my art.  Some art from native tribes is muddled in history.  I hope to honor ancestral artwork and enlighten viewers."

A Special Thanks to:
Keith at The Frame Shop, My Mother, Rosemary Neel, Colleen Walsh and my family and friends.  Without your love and support I wouldn’t be where I am today.


March Artist:
Wheatsfield Staff! Join us for a display of our staff's artistic talents! Art Opening, March 7th, 4-7pm.

If you are interested in displaying your artwork please contact Kim Corbin at kim_c@wheatsfield.coop or by calling the store and fill out this form.

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Staff Alternative Transportation Program Update
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The first quarter of our staff alternative transportation program has come to an end! The staff as a whole logged 5,539 miles! Our winning staff member traveled 1,124 miles. On to the next quarter! If you have questions about our staff alternative transportation program read about it here.

Kim's Immune Tea
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Wellness Manager, Kim McDermott, has found this tea to work wonders.

  • 1T + 1 tsp Echinacea
  • 1T + 1 tsp Peppermint
  • 1 tsp granulated orange peel
  • 2 tsp yarrow
  • (opt 1/8 tsp powdered stevia or to taste)

Pour boiling water over the herbs and steep for 5 minutes.  Strain. Makes 1
quart of tea.  (All of these herbs can be found in our bulk herb dept.)

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La Reyna
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Vinton, IA
98.5 miles to the co-op

La Reyna, a Mexican restaurant located in Vinton, Iowa, opened its doors in the spring of 2012. The restaurant owners, the Legaspis family, immigrated to Iowa from Mexico because they believed it was the best place to live and raise a family. Prior to opening their restaurant in Vinton they sold salsa and other products at farmers’ markets as well as ran a similar restaurant in Iowa City. After opening the restaurant in Vinton, they decided to close their Iowa City restaurant to focus on the one in Vinton.

They continue to sell at farmers’ markets as well as purchase fresh produce for their restaurant and wholesale products.

Look for their fresh guacamole and pico de gallo in our “hippie cooler.”

Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 21:06
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Backpocket Brewing

Coralville, IA
134 Miles to the Co-op

Backpocket Brewing, led by brewmaster Jake Simmons, seeks to provide world-class beers for the entire state. The brew house is a 33 barrel state-of-the-art brewing facility that incorporates the latest sustainable design features- carbon consumption is reduced by 60 percent, waste water is recaptured and organic waste is repurposed. read more